usage of saffron in medical

We can also mention to many advantages of saffron, one of this advantages is helping to ill people, and it can cure some diseases, which are listed below.


Saffron can be used in the treatment of depression. Many studies have proven that saffron can be used for depression treatment.

The presence of volatile oil compounds such as safranal and alfa-crocin in saffron helps in controlling depression. These compounds also act as anticonvulsants.

However, you need to make sure you’re buying 100% real saffron until it be more effective against depression.


Most people that have asthma know how frustrating that can be. One main characteristic of asthma is difficulty in breathing. Difficulty in breathing is because their lungs have been inflamed, which leads to the restriction of airways. Using saffron can easily clear the restricted airways, thereby making easy for you breathe again.

Difficulty in sleeping:

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, then you need to start using saffron. This will help you in avoiding restless or sleepless nights. For best results, mix the saffron with some tea or milk and drink it before going to bed.

Menstrual Relief:

Saffron has been used as a pain reliever since the ancient times. Taking saffron with milk or tea can ease pains related to menstrual cycle.

Saffron is very effective in controlling the loss of blood during menstrual cycle

If you use to experience irregular menstrual cycle, you can use saffron to regulate your menstruation. Saffron not only induces menstruation, but also helps in relieving pains associated with periods. In addition, the spice can also help in the reduction of chronic uterus bleeding.

Protects Eyesight:

According to scientists, taking of saffron can increase the level of fatty acids in the membranes. These fatty acids support the cells that impart vision. The scientists revealed that drinking saffron tea can improve eyesight. This means is that individuals with poor eyesight can rely on saffron for improved sight.

Heart Disease:

The antioxidant properties of saffron have been known to inhibit the activities of markers that contribute to cardiovascular diseases. One antioxidant called lycopene in saffron is known to support a healthy heart. Aside that, crocetin, another active ingredient in saffron helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing the development of disease.

Prevents Inflammations:

The antioxidants properties of saffron help in curbing inflammations, as well as reduces it in patients that has arthritis. Also, saffron can solve these problems, because it helps in stopping the inflammatory markers that spread the infection.

Treatment of hair loss:

The application of a mixture of saffron, licorice and milk over the scalp is very effective in treatment of baldness (alopecia) and prevention of hair loss. It also stimulated hair growth.

Heart rate control:

Saffron contains potassium, which helps in controlling the rate of heartbeat. This helps in protecting the heart.

Blood pressure control:

Saffron has a lot of mineral contents such as potassium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and selenium. Most of these minerals helps in controlling the blood pressure and in the formation of hemoglobin as well.

As antioxidants:

Saffron contains a lot of antioxidants, which are quite beneficial in fighting off free radicals and as a result prevents diseases and promotes good health.

Cancer prevention:

Saffron contains bio-chemical compounds such as lycopene, zeaxanthin, α- and β- carotene. These bio-chemical compounds helps protecting the body from cancer due to their ability to act as immune modulators.

Healthy lips:

Saffron is one of the few plant products that contains the highest amount of vitamin B2. Regular intake of saffron can help prevent swelling of tongues, skin cracking, throat soreness, skin irritation and cracking of the lips.

Reduce stress:

Saffron has carotenoids, which helps in boosting the immunity level of the body, as well as reduces oxidant-induce stress.

For detoxification:

Saffron has a lot of therapeutic uses and it’s very effective in detoxification of the body. In addition, it can be used in spasms, cramps and body healing.

For digestion:

Saffron stimulates digestion as a result of its contents of many medicinal compounds and an anticonvulsant. Saffron can also come in handy when there’s an enlargement of the spleen and liver.

Improve cellular function:

Saffron contains a lot of nutrients that helps with tissues and cells growth, particularly potassium and magnesium.

Relieving toothache:

Making a paste of saffron and honey and massaging onto the tooth can help in relieving pains from the gums.

Formation of hemoglobin:

The presence of iron in saffron is very good in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood.

As analgesic:

The presence of safranal, a sedative compound in saffron is very effective as an analgesic. It also influences the nervous system.


Saffron is one of the prescriptions for arthritis patients from physicians.

Male vitality:

Saffron has been known to be effective in the improvement of men’s vitality. Even elderly people draw strength from this amazing spice.

Body’s immunity:

Saffron contains a good amount of vitamin C and as a result is able to boost the body’s immunity. This prevents various ailments from attacking to body.

Improve muscular problems:

Saffron is very effective against age related muscular degeneration and it also helps in healing the damaged cell as well.

For neurological problems:

Since discover of the many health benefits of saffron, it has been used on the forehead as a result of its neurological benefits.

Improve cold:

You can use this saffron cold remedy to fight off the symptoms of cold completely. While it’s quite efficient against colds, it’s also delicious


A pinch of AryaFarin saffron

1 Lemon/Lime juice

1 tea spoon of dried black tea

1 tbsp. of honey

1.5 cup of water


1. Boil water and pour the AryaFarin saffron and tea inside. Leave on top of boiling kettle for around 10 min.

2. Pour the tea in a cup. Then add lime juice and honey and mix together.

This remedy is very effective against cold and also provides you with a healthy living.