Types of Persian Saffron

Saffron is one of the honorific products in Iran and it is the most expensive and luxurious spice in the world. Weight for weight saffron can cost more than gold. Hence, saffron has been called the red gold.
Pure saffron contains just the stigma of the flower of Crocus sativus with no any other artificial ingredients added, so expensive, and it has a brownish red to dark orange color. Its coloring capabilities come from the saffron threads’ red portion and not the yellow part which is actually left uncut in some lower grade saffron.
Persian saffron is not comparable with other types because of its excellent flavor, color and outstanding quality. Iran is the biggest producers and exporters of Saffron. Iran covers about 95% of the world’s 250 tons of saffron production annually. It is said that classical Persian is the first language that use of saffron word.
Types of Persian saffron

The most expensive type of Saffron is Negin. The saffron threads are longer, and trimmed perfectly to eliminate any yellow style. Negin is all-red in color and contains little to no crumbs. The primary difference is that sargol saffron is shorter than Negin. This type of Saffron is high-quality, for its thickness and dark fully red filaments.


Is known as “top of the flower”, it is the very tip trim of the Saffron thread. Sargol is all-red in color, however, the stigma is shorter and often contains some crumbs. All-Red saffron or Sargol Saffron is made up of red stigmas which have been equally cut and separated after drying. Saffron stigmas that are cut this way give maximum natural dye, aroma and flavor in baking and cooking.


cheapest type of Iranian Saffron, This brand is also mostly red stigmas, along with a small amount of yellow style , in fact contains lots of yellow and orange style. This yellow portion of the saffron stigma contains no culinary or medicinal benefit which is why the cost is lower. Additionally, you’re paying for added weight because the yellow and orange portion of the thread contain higher levels of moisture.


Only yellow style. This brand has the aroma of saffron, but barely has any coloring ability.


This is also known as “Dateshi saffron”. Although BUNCH Saffron is not commonly sold in retail, it’s possible to purchase it from select distributors. Dateshi is the whole saffron stigma that is untrimmed and bundled together. It contains lots of yellow and orange style. In fact a small amount of red stigmas plus a lot of yellow style and Possesses lower quality.

Saffron grades

Pure saffron is classified as the following:

Grade 1: All red saffron that contains stigmas only. This is our 100% Premium Saffron.

Grade 2: Contains the red stigmas and connected to the end part of the style that is yellow/ white in color.

Grade 3: Contains the red stigmas connected to the entire style.

Grade 4: the whole saffron stigma that is untrimmed and bundled together. It contains lots of yellow and orange style.

The features of Persian Saffron threads are:

Threads and its smell is good and fresh.

There are not broken-off saffron threads.

When you touch Saffron threads, they are dry and brittle.

No other yellow or white plant parts mixed in with the red threads.