Persian Saffron Drink (Shrbat Zaferan)


Sugar: as much as desired (it depends on how you want your drink to be sweet).
Ground AryaFarin saffron, half of a spoon.
Rose-water: 3 spoons
Water: half of a liter


First, pour the water into a pot. Then, put the pot on flame and let it boil.
Next, lower the flame, add the sugar to the boiling water and mix it thoroughly.
After the sugar is well solved in the water, add AryaFarin saffron to the pot.
Then mix the mixture thoroughly.
After all, ingredients are well mixed, add Rose-water to the pot.
Finally, let the mixture rest for 15 minutes on the flame, until it becomes rather dense.
To serve the drink, fill in 1/3 of a glass with the mixture and pour cool water on it.
In the end, put some ice cubes in the glass.