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In majority of Iran’s foods, saffron use as a major ingredient. Saffron has been always plays an important role in Persian dishes. Ancient and even modern and civilized Iranians believe so much in saffron magic power on body health level. It is also mentioned in so many old and historic medical books that saffron is a cure for different variety of diseases.
AryaFarin saffron was established because we always think of the best ways to bring this ‘king of Spices’ to the kitchens all around the world with the premium quality and easier access.
AryaFarin Saffron is an online easy shopping method for the highest quality organic saffron for will bring the robust, warm and generous natural flavors which reflecting the characteristics of Persian people and culture, to you, our valuable customers. We are as a Persian farms group proudly guarantees the quality of our Saffron as the best in the world.
AryaFarin Saffron is specialized on providing Persian Saffron in the world. we can always guarantee that our saffron is 100% Pure Natural and fresh. Our Saffron contains no artificial components and it’s comes directly from best saffron farms.
Ecology, health, care, fairness and justice are the four basic principles of organic farming. In the organic production of saffron, the same as all other organic products, it has to follow the four mentioned principles. Organic saffron producer measure the soil fertility through completely natural inputs and replaces the use of chemical pesticides with suitable agronomic methods. Therefore, in addition to taking care of the soil and ecology of the farm, it will also take care of the final product consumed by the consumer. The new, innovative, and at the same time ecologic and environmental preserver methods which are used by organic saffron producers Soil health, plant health, and finally the health of consumers of organic products are all the issues by AryaFarin group will consider through implementation of organic laws.
We able to offer all varieties of saffron in different sizes. Our containers are air-tight, moisture-proof, strong and durable, and made of substances that have no detrimental effect on saffron. AryaFarin can respond to requirements of clients for saffron in bulk or in packaging.
AryaFarin Saffron has been always value the customers and aiming for highest customer satisfaction level. Since we decided to bring our product online, we have been lucky to get the trust and loyalty of saffron spice lovers around the globe. This is what we love to do and we continually do our best to offer you the highest and premium saffron spice quality at the lowest price in the markets.
We guarantee, you will be amazed as soon as you open our Persian saffron package and experience the great aroma and color of saffron.

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